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Do you need help organizing your administrative work?
Do you need help setting up your payroll system?
Do you need help setting up company policies?
Do you have any idea where to begin?

NC Consulting Firm, LLC can help with performing a variety of HR Services for any company that needs help in that specific area of their company. An HR Consultant can help your company improve relation- ships between the business and the employees, increase retention, and grow the morale of your employees and their satisfaction with the company.
   NC Consulting Firm, LLC can assist with posting job ads, recruiting, the hiring process,
any new or ongoing training, and help the company create a screening process for potential employees. Create or improve upon performance manage- ment systems, create job descriptions, pay scales, annual review process and employee manuals. Even if you need to explore or update the company’s benefits package,
NC Consulting Firm, LLC can help you become a modern company with innovation, insight, and improvement.